Urban Butcher Unveils Endless Carnivore Brunch

Who's ready for the Meat Sweats?

Urban Butcher, known for its award-winning selection of house-butchered meats, charcuterie, and a famous 60-day, dry-aged ribeye, debuted their Endless Carnivore’s Brunch on Sunday, January 21st. This unique, endless brunch experience takes the classic “all you can eat” brunch and kicks it up a notch, adding the butcher’s signature meats and craft cocktails for an experience unlike any other in DC.


Brunch begins with bottomless mimosas and lavender margaritas, baskets of grilled rustic bread with whipped lime butter, signature house-made charcuterie, and empanadas. Then, the carnivore’s dream comes to life when a selection of carefully selected roasted meats and sausages arrives at the table. The offerings are a mix of Urban Butcher’s signature specialties and
guests are encouraged to endlessly indulge.


The second course brunch dishes include your choice of a malted pancake with honey butter and lemon syrup (yes, ONE pancake - but really that's all you need. Also the lemon syrup is out of control and I will steal this idea for all future pancake breakfasts.), rustic French toast with apple butter, an omelet with smoked gouda, or fried eggs.


For me, the highlights included the lime whipped butter that's served with the grilled rustic bread. It's soft, salty, and bursting with citrus zing - a unique twist on the common condiment. I was also enamored by the charcuterie board. Every piece of meat on this board was exemplary, and I was especially impressed with the texture. My favorite was the lamb.


I've already mentioned my love for the lemon syrup that accompanies the malted pancake, but it's worth mentioning again.  My pancake was a bit unevenly cooked - overdone on the edges and raw in the middle, but dipping the done edges into the lemon syrup was completely addicting.  I was also presented with a new pancake upon my mention of the gooey pancake. :)


The feast also includes a side of breakfast potatoes and a salad of mixed greens.  Both are excellent.  Often overlooked, these side dishes are not to be missed.  The potatoes were crispy on the exterior, velvety inside and mixed with caramelized sweet onions. The salad was simply fresh mixed greens but had the surprising addition of fresh cilantro and a citrus vinaigrette to provide some relieve between the meats! I ate all of it.


The grand finale is the house-made donuts served with fresh Nutella whipped cream. Favorite part? They come WITH THE HOLES! Popping the donut hole in my mouth with a dunk of the Nutella cream was a playfully perfect way to end the meal.


The Endless Carnivore’s Brunch is priced at $45 per person and is completely gluttonous.
Bring hungry friends and don't plan on doing anything productive after this meat feast!

Urban Butcher
8226 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD.
(301) 585-5800  

Dinner weekly beginning at 5 p.m. 
Brunch on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.