Hang on to Summer With These Hot Gelato Spots!

Dolci Gelati and WTF serve up sweet homemade gelato in the District

Summer may be winding down, but these DC sweet spots are heating up! Dolci Gelati and WTF (Woodward Takeout Food) are crafting homemade gelatos that have people, and puppies, lining up!  Gelato is perfect for back-to-school date nights, a quick treat while walking the dog, tasting flavors with an old friend, or just indulging in some decadent homemade delights.  There's something for everyone at these two spots, so go ahead, treat yourself!

Dolci Gelati

Dolci Gelati is my go-to spot for gelato in DC.  Hangry bf and I like to walk up to the location in Takoma Park on Friday's for date night!  There are always new flavors to try and every single flavor is delicious.  There are no artificial flavors detected, and every bite tastes fresh and bright.  The texture is creamy and velvety and the sorbettis are crisp and refreshing.


The most memorable flavor I've had at Dolci is the guacamole gelato.  I know it sounds scary, but this savory play on gelato is so exciting.  It's still satisfying as a sweet treat, but there are balsamic onions, a big squeeze of lime, and lots of fruity avocado flavors present.  I highly recommend at least trying a taste of the guacamole when you go. 


The fresh fruit flavors in the gelato and sobetti are just that - filled with real, fresh, fruit.  I sometimes forget that I'm indulging since the products are all natural and always fresh.  Other favorites of the moment include their spicy mango and peanut butter cup; and I'm always a fan of stracietella.


Fun Fact:  You can bring your pup to Puppy Hour at the Shaw location of Dolci Gelati for a free scoop of gelato for you and your doggy! The pups get to hang out in the puppy play pen, while you indulge with a flavor of your choice! Bring your friends, and your dogs, to soak up the final dog days of summer!  Check out Sarah Fraser's podcast from last week's puppy hour here (you can hear me talk about some food trends of the moment, too!).


WTF (Woodward Takeout Food)

WTF is Woodward Table's takeout concept for dining in a dash!  They've recently added seasonal, homemade gelato to their counter service and it. is. yummy. The pastry chefs use what's in season and what's leftover to eliminate waste and make tasty gelatos! 


Some seasonal gelato flavors that I tried included Devil's Food, which utilized leftover cake from dinner service and was delightfully cake-y without being overly sweet; Peaches and Cream, with the best of the summer's peach-y bounty; Tiramisu, an Italian classic; and Piña Colada, the star of the display case.  The piña colada was sweet and refreshing with the classic tropical flavors that transport you to an island getaway. 


It needs to be mentioned that WTF has fabulous takeout sandwiches as well.  I noshed on the heirloom tomato BLT and literally wolfed that thing down in under two minutes.  TASTY!


So if you're looking for some new spots to get your gelato on, be sure to check out Dolci Gelati and WTF before winter is here....

SHAW - City Market at O
1420 8th St NW
Washington, DC 20001

M-F:  12pm - 10pm
Sat-Sun: 10am - 10pm


7000 Carroll ave
Takoma Park, Maryland 20912
(240) 418-8359

M-F:  12pm - 10pm
Sat-Sun: 10am - 10pm


107 N. Fairfax Street
Old Town Alexandria, VA

M-Th: 7am - 9pm
F: 7am - 10 pm
Sat:  8am - 10pm
Sun: 11am - 9pm

Woodward Takeout Food
1426 H Street NW
Washington DC 20005

M-F: 7:30am - 4:30pm