Chile Lime Sweet Potato Fries

Curiously Craveable 

I've been attempting a Whole 30/paleo diet the past few weeks and things are going GREAT. I feel great, I've lost some weight, I'm super motivated, and I'm a lot less lethargic. The one thing saving me from my carboholic tendencies? POTATOES.  My absolute favorite new potato recipe are these chile lime sweet potato fries. They take less than 10 minutes to prepare and they're ready in 40 minutes, with no mess from a deep fryer. Keep reading for this completely addicting recipe...


For me, diets are an anxiety filled death trap.  I'm usually miserable, tempted, and depressed. I'm more about changing my lifestyle rather than following a "30-day diet" or a "cleanse." Because when those 30 days are up, guess what? I gain all the weight back bingeing on my "reward" meals. I've been sticking to a pretty strict paleo diet lifestyle these days, but allow myself to enjoy non-paleo refreshments in moderation so that I'm not a complete social outcast. 


You have to do what's right for you and your body, but regardless of your dietary restrictions, I think these chile lime sweet potato fries are safe for almost everyone! So I hope you enjoy these gluten free, vegetarian, paleo, Whole 30, and kid friendly yum yums!  

Chile Lime Sweet Potato Fries

Hangry Timer: 50 minutes
Feeds: 2 (or 1 hangry Michelle)
Cost: $5


What You Need:

1-2 Sweet Potatoes, peeled and cut into fries
Drizzle of Olive Oil
1 tsp. Chile Powder
Kosher Salt
Squeeze and zest of Tahitian Lime (or just a regular lime)

What to do with It:

Preheat oven to 400º F.

Spread the fries out onto a baking sheet in a single layer.  

Drizzle generously with olive oil.  Add a big pinch of salt and a sprinkle of chile powder to the fries and use your hands to coat the fries evenly with the oil and seasoning.

Pop the fries in the oven for 40 minutes. Halfway through, give the fries a toss.

As soon as you take the fries out of the oven, sprinkle them with a little more Kosher salt and squeeze half of a lime all over the fries. Now try not to eat them all immediately!




*For extra crispy fries, crank up the heat to 425º and reduce the time to 30 minutes.
Increase the time to your preferred crispiness.