First Bite: Urban Hot Pot

It’s OK to Play With Your Food!

What’s more fun than playing “chef” at a restaurant?! At Urban Hot Pot in Rockville, MD, diners have the unique experience to create a meal specific to their liking, at their own pace, right at the table! Take a trip beyond the beltway for this unique interactive dining destination!


Patrons can choose from an all-you-can-eat menu with the touch of a button from the tablet located on each table.  Create custom dipping sauces from the sauce bar, pick up an eye-catching accoutrement from the conveyor belt, and enjoy a variety of personal cooking broths for your hot pot refilled at your request.


The restaurant is clearly a popular destination, as it’s crowded on most nights. But never fear, there is a Boba shop a few doors down that you can check out while you wait!


Daily specials include octopus and fresh crawfish!


Urban Hot Pot
1800 Rockville Pike, H2
Rockville, MD 20852