SoHo DC Review

Where Hospitality Shines

Southern Hospitality, lovingly referred to as SoHo by its regulars, is a staple in the District's Adams Morgan neighborhood. Since opening in 2011, college grads and night life lovers have been calling this hot spot their favorite watering hole.  Bartenders sling drinks at a rapid pace, always with a smile, and TVs line the bar for optimal viewing of our DC teams.  It's always packed, and NOT just because of the great drink specials. 

This "bar" is a restaurant, too, you guys!  With a sprawling patio and upstairs dining room, it's not only a great place to take shots with your besties, but also a great place to grab a bite to eat at a reasonable price, or host an event.  Yes, they are known for their brunch, but I'm telling you, you should stop by for apps during dinner service, too! 

A refreshing twist on the southern inspired menu is that it's not all fried, carb-loaded options.  "Southern Hospitality" usually rings "fried, butter, and carbs" in my mind.  However, there are some new and interesting twists on this menu to accommodate even the most health conscious diner. Check out some of my favorite menu items below! Let me know what you like best from SoHo using #hangrydistrict.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS // Bacon / Anchovy Aioli

These crispy tiny cabbages are delicious!  No need for the salt shaker here, with the crispy bacon and anchovy aioli, it's a salt lover's dream (ahem, me).  Roasted expertly, the texture is firm and crunchy, preserving the natural earthiness of the sprouts.  A+.

MAC & CHEESE // Sharp Cheddar / Parmesan Cheese / Bacon / Broccolini

I'm a sucker for some mac; who isn't?! But this fun spin on the classic adds tender broccolini to the mix!  The bitterness from the Spring veggie cuts through the richness of the cheese and adds a fun crunch to the texture.  And there's bacon... so.... what's not to like?! 10/10 would order again.


Look at these golden delicious beauties.  Maybe you've realized I have a sweet spot for roasted veggies, but they're just so dang addicting - especially when they're done this well!  Paired with a cool jalapeno aioli, it was just the right combination between sweet, heat, vegetal and unctuous.

FRIED GREEN TOMATOES // Remoulade Dipping Sauce

A classic for a southern-style restaurant and there are no frills here, just crispy tangy goodness.  A little twist on the classic cornmeal crust with their batter, but just as delicious served with a standard remoulade sauce.  I like to slice mine REALLY thick, though :)

GRILLED SHRIMP SALAD // Baby Spinach / Grilled Shrimp / Watermelon / Piquillo Peppers / Red Onions / Cherry Tomatoes / Honey Basil Dressing

This salad was the most surprising dish of the evening.  From the plating, it doesn't look like much - very simple - but the flavors were spot on.  The shrimp were not overcooked, as most usually are, the watermelon was ripe, and the honey basil dressing was vibrant and refreshing.  I was very happy with this salad and can highly recommend it for the Summer months.

SALMON // Grilled Salmon / Wild Rice / Broccolini / Corn Salsa / Dijon-Watercress Cream Sauce

A crowd favorite at the table, this salmon is a dream dish for the diner wishing for some lighter fare.  Buttery on the inside, the salmon was luscious and dressed in decadence with the corn salsa and dijon cream sauce.  The crunch factor of the broccolini accompanies the fish delicately, complementing rather than taking away from the dish.  Rice is good. 

I always have such a great time at SoHo DC.  The service is incredible, the hospitality makes you feel like you're in the company of all your best friends, the drinks instinctively flow like the salmon of Capistrano, and the food leaves you feeling happy and satisfied.  Check it out tonight for ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR or any other night for incredible specials! 

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1815 Adams Mill Rd, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 588-0411


M-Th 4 p.m. – until
F 11 a.m. – until
Sat 10 a.m. - until
Sun 10 a.m. - until
*Brunch Hours:
Saturday  10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.


*This post is sponsored by Haute Haus Agency.  All opinions are my own.