Le DeSales: French Fare with Flair

Bonjour, Bon Appetit, Merci, Repeat

Le DeSales, a contemporary casual French restaurant in DuPont, is celebrating Bastille Day during  the entire month of July! Guests who dine from July 2 through July 31 can savor Executive Chef Raphael Francois’ three-course, prix fixe menu featuring classic French dishes for $38 per person.  Can't make it in July? These dishes are available all year on the regular menu and are definitely worth the visit to this year-old bistro. Get out of the monotony of Le Diplomate and check out this new and fresh French eatery for an experience that will leave you with a twinkle in your eye and a belly full of happy.


The tasting menu begins with a choice of Curled Lettuce with red onion, black sesame and Champagne ranch; Duck Paté with pistachios, smoked bourbon or pickles or Almaco Jack with lime, coconut and jalapeño, followed by an entrée choice of Cavatelli Pasta with mushroom duxelle, pine nuts and bacon crumble; Corn-Fed Chicken with pomegranate and brown cauliflower; Organic Sapphire Salmon with forbidden rice and watercress or Pork Loin with carrots and preserved lemon.  For dessert, Francophiles can savor Chocolate Tart served in an almond tart shell and espresso gelato; Lemon curd tart, or Crème Brûlée “Classique” with muscovado sugar.

I tried it all, and here's what I thought!


First Course

Curled Lettuce//red onion/black sesame/Champagne ranch

Cold and crisp lettuce nestles bright red onions with crunchy sesame seeds and refreshing champagne ranch dressing, with an almost mint-like aftertaste, which is quite remarkable for a salad topped with red onions.

Duck Paté//pistachios/smoked bourbon/pickles

The star of the show - this thick slab of meaty, fatty paté suffused with whole pistachios alongside classic accoutrements is completely luxurious.  Our attentive server placed it in front of us wielding a massive jar of pickled cauliflower and prehensile tweezers to fish out as many pieces as we wanted.  A simple wedge of iceberg topped with bacon bread crumbs lends smokiness and freshness to each bite.  I could eat this every day.


Almaco Jack//lime/coconut/jalapeño

A playful take on ceviche, the almaco jack fish is served raw with coconut gel, fresh arugula and spicy jalapenos.  Simply done and expertly executed. 


I immediately notice the abundance of healthy dish options on this menu.  Almost every plate is low-carb and the portion sizes are ideal for the health conscious.  I like feeling good about eating out, and this is a place I want to return to time and time again to feel great after indulging in these fabulous updated French dishes.


Main Course

Corn-Fed Chicken//pomegranate/brown cauliflower

WOW.  This underdog entree should not go unnoticed!  I am so glad our server insisted we try it because it is something I plan to mimic in my future home cooking repertoire.  A simple chicken breast with super crispy skin tops jeweled florets of broccoli and cauliflower mixed with pomegranate gems.  An effortless chicken jus is poured table-side to create one of the best chicken dishes I've had in the city.  Try this for lunch someday to really treat yo self.


Organic Sapphire Salmon//forbidden rice/greens

Another feel-good option on the menu, this succulent salmon is paired simply with roasted broccolini and unctuous forbidden rice.  The rice is almost sweet, creating a lovely bite against the velvety salmon and vegetal greens.  Me likey.


Pork Loin//carrots/preserved lemon

We can all get over the fact that pork needs to be overcooked, right? Pork is best served medium  with a warm pink center, and Chef Francois NAILS it.  The pork's natural sweetness shines atop a satin carrot puree and peppery watercress. Every dish was swoon worthy and did I mention the two of us ate EVERYTHING?  :::blushing:::


Sweet Retreat

It's no surprise that this French chef nails the desserts. Definitely go with the chocolate tart if you're only having one - it's unmatched. Served with espresso gelato, the dark chocolate is only enhanced with a scoop of cold coffee floating on a thin and buttery almond crus


The lemon curd tart, and Crème Brûlée “Classique” with muscovado sugar are excellent representations of the classics, as well.


So head on into LeDesales before July 31 to take advantage of the incredible deal to try all of these mouth watering reinventions of classic French gastronomy!


1725 DeSales St, NW, WDC  • info@LeDeSales.com • 202-506-6856

Mon-Fri 11:30 pm to 2:30 pm
Limited Menu: 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Mon-Sat 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm