Radish Toast with Herb Butter

The Best thing ON Sliced Bread

I have basically had radishes on hand since March thanks to my wonderful CSA share from Three Part Harmony Farm.  You may have read my pickling method for them, but they are also delicious in their natural state with softened, salted butter (what isn't?).  Here's an quick and super inexpensive appetizer utilizing herbs and radishes you have on hand to serve for guests or to bring for a light lunch at work.  I also tend to eat this for breakfast when I'm hangry! Keep reading to find out how to get your radish toast on.

Radish Toast

Hangry Timer: 15 minutes
Makes: 5 Toasts
Cost: $5


What You Need:

1 Bunch Radishes, thinly sliced
1 Bunch Chives, chopped*
1 Stick Butter, softened
1 tsp. Salt
Bread, toasted

What To Do With It:

Combine butter, salt and chives in a small bowl.

Slather a thick layer of the butter onto the toasted bread (I like Rosemary bread from Lyon Bakery). 

Top with radishes and chomp!



*Use whatever herbs you have handy! I especially love it with fresh garlic scapes.