Market Mondays with Groff's Content Farm

Peace of mind meal planning

Groff's Content Farm


Groff’s Content Farm is on a never ending journey to provide the highest quality products available. They do this by treating their animals with the same care that consumers put into the dinners they prepare for their family. With sustainable, all natural feeding practices they provide peace of mind when planning your next meal. Groff's has a wide selection of whole and nutritious products available all year and their products are available from the farm, farmers markets, and winter drop sites in Maryland and Washington, DC.

Their products include:

  • 100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef and Lamb
  • Forage Fed Berkshire Pork
  • Free Range Poultry
  • Free Range Duck and Chicken Eggs

Hangry District's Michelle chats with Bob Bolton, owner, to learn more about the historic farm, located in Rocky Ridge, MD, and the beef, Berkshire pork, poultry, and eggs they raise and bring to market each week.

Market Mondays is a collaboration between Hangry District and Community Foodworks to highlight the stories and philosophies behind sustainably-minded growers and producers in the mid-Atlantic region. Find out what drives these important members of your local food system!

Stay tuned for a cooking demonstration at the end of September, using the products we sourced from Market Monday purveyors.