Whitmore Farm Photo Tour

Heaven? Is that you?

I had the pleasure of visiting Whitmore Farm last week to see one of my favorite farmers, William Morrow. I've known Will since I was 19 and just getting my feet wet in the sustainable agriculture and farming/food world.  I wrote a piece about the beautiful eggs that are laid at his farm and have been lucky enough to continue working with Will through the sustainable agriculture company Future Harvest CASA, where he acts as the president of the board. 

Having grown up only 30 minutes away from the farm, I was disappointed in myself for waiting so long to visit!  It is basically heaven on Earth; animals frolicking freely upon the grounds, adorable livestock guardian Great Pyrenees dogs greeting us, friendly farm hands and interns, and most importantly BABY ANIMALS.  Join me on my photo journey through the farm and make a point to take a beautiful drive up to Emmitsburg, MD and admire for yourself! 

Stay tuned for my Hangry Heroes highlight on Will Morrow this afternoon.

The farmhouse was renovated by Will and his team and is incredible.  A wrap around porch, stunning library and luxurious dining room with a farmhouse table.  It even comes with a Downton Abbey doorbell!

Will's loyalty to buying local doesn't just include food either, "The kitchen floor was covered in salvaged brick from Baltimore after sub-floor liquid heating and a new, energy-efficient geothermal system was installed to heat and cool the house. Cabinets in the kitchen came from a kitchen remodel in Washington and bathroom vanities were blanket chests bought cheap at flea markets in our area." #renovatelocal

Will and I enjoying the beautiful day on the farm.

Chicks are a plenty at the farm!  You can find Ameraucana, Delaware, Marans and Welsummer chicks.  Each new batch of hatchlings are housed together and a label on the door marks their birthday and how many of each breed are inside!  We were lucky enough to see some brand new baby chicks, born the morning we arrived. Peep!

Welcome to the world little peep!

My friend Sam and her son Dylan pet the new chick.

These chicks are older and have lots of space to run around, while staying safe from predators.  There is also a door that allows them to range free, the best chickens are happy chickens.

I got in on the chick kissing action :)  If only my DC row house had a yard!

Some adult chickens roam freely around the farm, happy as can be.  You might notice a few roosters too -- I loved hearing them cock-a-doodle-doo!

Beautiful eggs of all colors!  Each chicken lays a specific egg, most times you can tell exactly who laid it by the color and markings on the eggs.  Skip the dye, and just buy these for Easter next year.

Wouldn't you love to have your meals in this lovely spot during the summer?

The moment I had been waiting for - piglets!  These are Gloucester Old Spots, the spots are so adorable!

A piglet photo must be well thought out.  The piglets will start to squeal while you're holding them and then mama gets very aggressive (who wouldn't?!).  I basked in my piglet moment for about two minutes before I had to put him back in the pen to avoid a mama pig rushing.

This is what happens when the feeder pigs spot me and farmer Frank.....  Lucky for them we were only there to say hello.  It was a hot day so they were all relaxing in their shady shelters.

The shelters were custom built by neighbors of Whitmore farm to the specifications of Will and his husband, Kent. Kent is also the head shepherd and pig herder on the farm.  The shelters have a floor to keep the pigs warm and dry, they are moved frequently for ventilation and prevention of ammonia build up (pigs pee too).

So much room to graze and play!

Farm selfie, duh!

Happy sheep hanging out in the shade.

Whitmore Farm picks up brewing waste from 3 Stars Brewing Company to feed to their pigs!  The pigs love it and the brewery benefits from a sustainable use of their waste.

You can buy all of the farm products at the farm!  This trip I got some eggs, spicy Italian pork sausages and of course BACON.  Thanks, Frank!

I absolutely loved my day on the farm.  I hope some of you get the opportunity to visit, too!


Whitmore Farm's goods are currently sold to select local restaurants including VOLT, RANGE, Pinea, Forno and Woodberry Kitchen.

You can purchase products through direct, on-farm sales or at the following farmers markets:

Columbia Heights Farmer's Market on Wednesdays from 4-7:30 and Saturdays from 9-1:00 1400 Park Road, NW, Washington, DC

Broad Branch Farmer's Market on Saturdays from 9-1:00
5625 Connecticut Ave, NW., Washington, DC

Sykesville Farmers Market on Sundays from 9-2:00
732 Oklahoma Ave, Sykesville, MD.


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